My research project for UNICEF, and thus this blog, would not have been possible without the help of the 163 people who contributed to my research project. Many community experts and community managers were willing to share their knowledge and thoughts. I realize that with their experience and expertise, they do not just give away advice for free. Therefore, I appreciate it even more that they donated their ideas to me, and in essence to UNICEF.

I like to express sincere gratitude to the following contributors for their valuable help:

International community experts

Seth Godin

Entrepreneur, author and public speaker.

American Way Magazine calls him: “America’s greatest marketer”.

Beth Kanter

Author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits.

Co-Author of the book The Networked Nonprofit.

Visiting Scholar: Nonprofits and Social Media at David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Etienne Wenger

Consultant and public speaker. Globally recognized thought leader in the field of social learning and communities of practice. He has authored and co-authored seminal articles and books on the topic.

Amy Sampleward

Membership Director at NTEN.

Contributor/Blogger at Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Community Organizer at Nonprofit Technology Network & NetSquared.

Richard Millington

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee Limited, an online community consultancy, and The Pillar Summit, an exclusive course in Professional Community Management. His blog is a rich source of interesting articles about online community building.

Debra Askanase

Blogger and experienced digital strategist, non-profit executive, and community organizer. Community Organizer 2.0 works with businesses and nonprofits to develop actionable and measurable digital media strategies that meet organizational goals.

Lauren Klein

Lauren partners with organizations that are designing conceptual models for creating vibrant and sustainable community models in strategic and highly collaborative ways.

J-P De Clerck

Marketing trainer, speaker and author.

Angela Connor

Blogger and Online Community Strategist.

Vanessa Dimauro

Blogger and CEO of Leader Networks – a research and consulting firm that helps clients create social strategies and online communities for business.

Rosemary O’neill

President at Social Strata, Inc. – a social content technology company.

Philip Wride

Director, Client Services EMEA at Zmags.

Social Media Strategist, Community Manager and Blogger at

Patrick O’Keefe

Blogger and the founder of the iFroggy Network, a publisher of websites. He has been managing online communities since 2000 and is the author of “Managing Online Forums” a practical guide to managing online social spaces.

Jono Bacon

Community Manager Canonical Ltd., engineering manager, consultant and author.

Martin Reed

Community manager, builder and consultant at Community Spark.

Jake McKee

Jake McKee is blogger and the Chief Idea Officer and Ant Wrangler at Ant’s Eye View, a customer experience strategy practice focused on helping clients escalate their customer experience. Jake used to work as the Global Community Relations Specialist for the LEGOcompany.

Holly Seddon

Editor, writer and community consultant.

Blaise Grimes-Viort

Online communities manager and social media strategist

Alison Michalk

Australian Instructor at The Pillar Summit.

Co-Founder at Swarm.

Director and Community Manager at Quiip.

Dutch community experts

Kirsten Wagenaar

Senior community consultant at KREM.

Founder and Chair at Vereniging Community Management NL.

Martin Kloos

Senior strategist at Social Embassy.

Board member at Community Managers NL.

Blogger and Web developer.

Wim Woning

Community consultant at ADV Market Research.

Blogger at Marketingfacts.

Robert Jan Droogleever-Fortuyn

Business developer online & social at Sanoma

Pelle Aardema

Freelance consultant on online collaboration and online communities for non-profits.

Martijn Staal

Online strategist & accountmanager at Oogst.

Blogger at Marketingfacts and Frankwatching.

Elien van Riet

Community manager: she develops and maintains off- and online communities for the

non-profit sector.

Irene den Ouden

Independent social media consultant and market researcher.

Founder and owner of IDO Connect.

Jasper van Elferen

Owner of Demare – an agency that gives strategic advice and helps develop communication plans, websites, apps and (digital) magazines and print productions. Demare is specialized in advising organizations with a social mission (such as healthcare, housing, welfare, education, government, and charities).

Frank Meeuwsen

Founder and Editor in Chief of, the first Dutch blog about smarter working and living.

Marco Derksen

Lecturer at Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN).

CEO of Marketingfacts BV.

CEO of Upstream BV.

Margreet Hemmen

Community manager WNF-hyve at WWF Netherlands.

Interim Internet en communiation advisor at INFAQT (self-employed).

Job de Groot (STAR)

Information & brand manager XXXIVth STAR Board at RSM STAR.

Owner of ThinkBeyond.

Member of Philips Student Panel PHI 2012 at Philips.

Coordinator production team at TEDxRotterdam.

Grietje Blom

Community manager at inSided Media.

Board member at Stichting Duurzame Samenleving Papua Barat.

Lode Broekman

Community Manager at Flexplek 020.

Community managers

Ian Dickson

Michael Howard

John Belshe

Christopher Childs

Zachary Chastain

Marlies de Gooijer

Aldo de Moor

Mohamad Al Shafie

Rob Quick

BJ Wishinsky

Axel Schultze

Alexander Drebs

Jonathan Trenn

June Macdonald

Wilfried Shock

Craig TD

Lovisa Williams

Nellie Newman

Monika Roozen

Caroline Bottomley

Arie Moyal

Edward Davies

Rebecca Newton

UNICEF staff

Paola Storchi

Jasper van Maarschalkerweerd

Etienne Leue

Target group of UNICEF Netherlands

80 survey respondents

Last but not least I would  like to express sincere appreciation to my tutor Madeleine Royere for her meaningful support of this project. At the most crucial moments you were there to tap into wisdom and provide me with your supportive advice.


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